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     Our Site is the same tour you'd get in a pickup at our farm in Arkansas, only more.  If you like to study Beefmaster cattle, or their genetics, this site's for you. We tried to include not only pictures of our Beefmaster bulls and cows, but their full pedigree, some video, and photos of their calves . Wild Oaks Farms' cattle herd of 150 registered Beefmasters, represents outstanding polled, red and black Beefmaster genetics. We're presenting our program with less hype, less type and more pictures of what's actually in the field. Hope you enjoy the tour, and feel free to call us,  we love to talk  about our Beefmaster cattle!

     Beefmasterbull@blogspot.com is a new Wild Oaks journal , with breeding and management comments, News from Beefmaster Sales, Events and BBU's new programs! Let us know what you want to hear!

Toby & Cherryl Forte'

6006 Early Branch Rd., Mulberry, Arkansas 72947

Phone: Cell  (972) 679 9898 

Bruce Robbins, Herd Consultant                            Dale Whitaker, Embryologist














































































































































































































































Crown Prince 920 1/2

 National Beefmaster Bull Championship

2006 Grand Champion

2007 SR. Reserve Champion


      Needless to say, the friends that thought we were crazy last year to haul a SR bull to Tunica, thought we had lost our minds when we told them we were going to enter Crown Prince again, this time almost eight! We decided the worst that could happen is he would be beaten by a younger bull, and sure enough, Thunder Valley had some tremendous young bulls that took Grand Champion, and Reserve Grand Champion. We can live with that.

     We did however, win our class, and Crown Prince, moving a littler slower down the aisle this year,  was SR. Reserve Champion! Several people told us they were glad we brought him because he actually looked better in person! 

the rest of this heart warming story . . .

2009 Wild Oaks is now proud to introduce possibly the

 strongest breeding red polled bull available in the breed today  . .

ADvantage 1/2

(Soul Man x HF Shady Lady)

2009  Reserve SR. Champion

National Beefmaster Bull Championship

     Several people have told us they think Advantage is one of the most exciting young bulls in the breed today! He has excellent bone, testicular development, great spring of rib and natural expression of muscle. I think you'll appreciate the strength of his top line and his overall balance. We expect Advantage to become one of the premier polled bulls of our breed. His dam, Homestead's Shady Lady (293 cow family) has been a tremendous donor for us, and we've retained three full sisters in the herd.
   We named him Advantage, because we think he'll AD whatever you need to your herd! There are a number of clean polled Black Beefmaster Bulls, but we've all been waiting for a RED POLLED bull of this quality. We pulled him out of the bull pasture three months before the futurity. He's never been halter broke, but after a week he was gentle enough in a pen to be brushed by hand.
   Wild Oaks is flushing our top donors to this young bull, and his calves are extremely consistent in phenotype. You can expect strong top lines,  deep muscle, great neck extension and smooth shoulders on his calves. He's throwing red calves out of red cows, and black calves out of black cows. It doesn't get any better than that!

At Wild Oaks, we believe truly believe that Beefmaster cattle are the ultimate breed for commercial cattlemen. Historically high pricing of Beefmaster semen has limited the access of  commercial breeder to the breed's top bulls. The same pricing has assured those bulls were only put on the tops cows. We used Advantage straight across our herd, and we encourage you to do the same!

To show our commitment in promoting the breed, we are offering semen out of Advantage at the commercial rate of $25 per straw.

Here's some of his calves, all polled, we think he works! You be the judge!

   Advantage x 208 Second to None


Sugar Dadee Calf out of Advantage's Flushmate




 WO 237.0 Advantage x Call Me Darlin'    

2010  CF Sugar Dadee

CF Sugar Dadee  1/2 (Capt. Sugar x Ava (Oasis Flushmate) 16 mos.

Last June we went to the Cottage Farm Southern Tradition XI sale specifically to purchase this bull. At 13 months, he showed the structural traits we were looking for, in a very strong genetic package. Fortunately others that day were looking for old bulls. We've patiently developed this young bull while breeding him to the cream of our heifer crop, and managed to get one live cover donor flush out of Piggy Too. It's taken us four years to find a bull with the inner stifle thickness this young bull shows. We think you'll agree this young bull is showing all the attributes of a tremendous herd sire. He has a flawless top line, beautiful shoulders and a tight sheath structure. Sugar Dadee is a genetic sibling to the great Sugar Britches, whom we've flushed to. We're confident in the quality of calves this young bull is going to bring to the breed.

Look for him on display at the CSBBA Sale and Convention May 7th, in Shawnee, OK. When we had him on display in San Antonio at the National Convention Sale, several people told us he was the best bull in the barn!

Semen $100 per straw, no minimums

Please check out our Premiere Black Bulls  on our Bull Page!

Donor Showcase


Introducing, WO 1-123-7, " So Divine"

'09 Rsv. Sr. Champion, Miss Beefmaster Futurity


 "So Divine" one of two Genetic sibling to MoTown

(Soul Man x So Fine (Painted Tiger daughter)

We just flushed this young donor to CF Adrenaline and Sugar Dadee. Her Sugar Dadee heifer, Miss Divine was purchased by JBBA members, Amelia and Michael Buckley.

We're breeding the cattle you're looking for . . .




(8/5 Soul Man x Lady Tiger)


After having a tremendous Ace in the Hole bull calf, we thought  this young cow deserved a try as a donor. A flush mate to my favorite donor, 13/5 Kathryn Hepburn, Sophie was Jim William's second favorite heifer in the Cream of the Crop Heifer futurity. Last fall she was flushed to Cottage Farm's Sugar Britches (Captain Sugar x Oasis). A light dose of FSH yielded 42 embryos, 32 transferable. We've got a dozen calves on the ground, here's a few that will step up any program . .

Sweet & Low (Sugar Britches x Sophia Loren) Rsv Calf Champion, Houston 2011

A brother was GR CH at the LA State Fair, owned by Taylor Pritchard.

WO 101, this strong young bull is owned and being shown by Reese Tassin.

Look for WO Lady Gaga, owned by Garrett Mink at the JBBA JR. Nationals, and WO Satin Britches, shown by Wild Oaks, at the Ozark Empire Fair, Springfield, M0

Wild Oaks is currently running  a flushmate, a black and polled bull, WO 553-0 on a set of Beefmaster heifers. We don't know if he's the only black polled Sugar Britches bull, but we do know he's possibly the best!

Show Heifers for Sale - call for availability.

Photos taken about two months of age, over several months.

        WO 0101 Sugar Britches x 8/5


 Two Adrenaline x 208 Heifers and a Black Cavalier x 208 Heifer


    Sugar Dadee x Piggy II                     Sugar Dadee x 8/5 Sophie          Sugar Dadee x 208 Daughter (sold)


     Advantage x Crown Prince cow       Sugar Dadee x So Divine                Sugar Dadee x 83, 208 Daughter

     At Wild Oaks our show heifers start at $1000 and up, depending on breeding and quality. They are out of tremendous cows and represent the cutting edge genetics in the breed, with a little special something. Once their show career is over, they progeny will be highly marketable, not because of their success on the show circuit, but because they are bred to be the top females in the breed. Most would be donors in their own right. We have a very aggressive flush schedule, and have calves born every two months. We have the heifer you're looking for. Call for available ages.

Wild Oaks Presents our lead donor . . . .

Cottage Farms Vanity Fair



     I just can't express what an impact this we think Vanity Fair  is going to make to the Wild Oaks Farms program and the Beefmaster breed, but here's her natural Soul Man calf, at four months to give you an idea. We think Vanity Fair is the epitome of what a Beefmaster cow should be, and I think you'll agree she is one of the most beautiful donors in the Beefmaster breed.

     Cottage Farms sold three Vanity Fair heifers for a total of $26,000 at their Production Sale in July.  Paul Hill purchased a black bred heifer, Ted Cain an open red heifer, and  Davin Vaughn & Paul Castleman a black open heifer. We wish them all tremendous luck with females that we think will be trend setters for the Beefmaster Breed!

     Toby and I especially want to thank Cottage Farms for using such a tremendous cow for their lead sale offering. We realize what a sacrifice it is to lose a female of this quality from the herd.

 208 Second to None 

To see more photos of her calves, check out her link on the Donor page 208 Second to None


If you're interested in Black Beefmasters, Dr. Tim Olson, Dept. of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, has generously shared his paper,

"Black Beefmasters,

How to Most Efficiently Produce Them"

It's a must read under Did You Know.



Soul Man x 208 Second to None (Twin Heifers, age 8 months)

Group of Second to None calves

   Her bulls are going to be some of the cleanest Black Beefmaster Bulls in the Breed, there's two of them on the right at weaning. We love them, but we just can't figure out which one we like best . . . . actually, that seems to be everyone's problem!



News Worthy . . . .

This article that appeared in the June 18th issue of Ozarks Farm & Neighbor - Arkansas. We really enjoyed the interview, and of course, we enjoyed talking "Beefmaster Cattle"!

Building Success on Success

By Amber Parham
OFN Contributor

     Toby and Cherryl Forte strive for genetic excellence with their purebred Beefmaster operation.

     Toby and Cheryl Forte raise top quality Beefmaster cattle on their 600 acre spread, Wild Oaks Farm, near Mulberry, Ark. Four years ago they decided to convert their commercial herd to a seedstock Beefmaster program. They chose the breed primarily for the productivity and easy handling of the females.

Marketing Strategies  - cont.

Wild Oaks Beefmasters' News Events

 3 Yr old Polled, Cottage Farms Herd Sire for Sale

CF 134, Time Bandit 1/3    $4,500.00 (SOLD)
(Jackpot x Vanna II)
DOB: 9/3/07
We purchased this strong young herd sire two years ago at the Cottage Farms sale, and have used him on several sets of cattle. Because of our active embryo program, we are simply not using  him to his full advantage and have decided to sell him. We've recently featured him in our ad in Beefmaster Cattleman.   His half sister, Vanity Fair, our lead donor, is out of Vanna II also. We know this young bull will contribute great volume, bone and spring of rib to any herd! Polled and Black is just a bonus!






























































































































































































































































































Wild Oaks's Embryo Program - We only use Beefmaster  Cows for Recips!

     We're living proof that if you want to grow your program, you don't have to wait for the facilities! We were challenged to get cover over our head gate and chute for our first flush on the farm. Where there's a will there's a way! We invented the now infamous Mobile Embryo Transfer Center ( M.A.S.H. used all the good initials)  Click Dale Whitaker's nose for the story!

     Is the embryo transplant program worth the work?

     It is, now that the calves are coming, but at the time, it took a steady eye to the future to keep setting up recips and donors every two months. Since it was the first time we committed to  utilize our commercial herd as a recip herd, we had to re-think the way we run our cattle. We broke the herd into manageable "mini-herds" sorting the cows into approximate delivery months to minimize future sorting of the cattle. As much as possible, we're trying to keep those groups intact, through their initial calving, conditioning, embryo transplant, calf-raising and future implants. It's more fencing, more gates to open, more "herds" to check but we think it's also more quality cattle

If you'd like more  information on  Dale Whitaker's Embryo Collection Services, click here.

Because you asked. . . .


I'd Like to see some more pictures of . .
Commercial Heifers for Sale . .  $1,000.00 ea


(Click on photo)

Show me some great Beefmaster Commercial Cows!


 Commercial Beefmaster cows are truly the ultimate female. They've been developed for generations based on the 6 Essentials -

Fertility - Milking Ability - Weight - Conformation - Hardiness - Disposition

Try a Beefmaster female, you'll never go back to just black!

(Click on photo)


Wild Oaks Farms Super-Stars!

2006 National Beefmaster Bull Futurity
Grand Champion
Spartacus x Vanna II
(Royalty doesn't need a title)
Miss Beefmaster America 2003


Grand Champion Heifer , 2005 Cream of the Crop
Next Generation Heifer Futurity
(Black Jack 21 x Angel 27/8 (Cavalier x Mueller 41)


2009 RSV SR Champion
 National Beefmaster Bull Championship
(One of only two genetic siblings
to the great bull MoTown)
2009 Rsv. Sr. Ch, Miss Beefmaster  Futurity

       We cordially invite you to look through our donors and bulls.

We think they represent the best that the Beefmaster Breed has to

 offer. We sell our cattle at the ranch at private treaty so give us a


Toby and Cherryl Forte'




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