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  A Beefmaster Breeder's Success Story

" Crown Prince 920"
2006 National Beefmaster Bull Grand Champion




















Beefmaster cattle of legendary genetics, our Cavalier, Country Western, Desperado and Soul Man bulls, are selected to complement the dominant 6/2, 411/6,  and Diamond Queen cow families in our herd. We can now boast that over 50 percent of our herd is polled! To the commercial or purebred Beefmaster breeder, that means Wild Oaks Farms Beefmasters can increase your profits in the cattle market. Read a little about our cattle, and be sure and take the farm tour of photos starting with the Home page on the left.

Phenotypic ally, it's a real challenge to balance maternal, environmental and economic traits at the farm with carcass performance. There exists is a glaring antagonism between maternal efficiency in a cow herd and carcass performance in their calves. You won't see restaurants advertising Holstein or Jersey steaks, and you don't see Angus cows in the milking pens. The gauge for maximum efficiency is different for each breed, depending on what they're expected to do.

At Wild Oaks Farms we've been upgrading and culling through five generations of Beefmaster heifers to develop economically efficient cattle for the Midwest. Structurally correct Beefmaster cows and fertile Beefmaster bulls build longevity into the herd. Stringent culling for bag quality has produced heavy milking heifers with bags that hold up through the years. Where it really counts, the best recips we can find for our embryo transfer program, are our own commercial Beefmaster cows! We know the kind of calf they'll raise!

Our cattle aren't running on lush bottomland pastures, but on upland, hillside grazing where they have to work for a living. They're selected to be easy keepers, and expected to maintain peak production on grass pastures of Bermuda, Bahia and winter grains.

At Wild Oaks Farms, as Beefmaster breeders, we expect our best calves to come from our latest generation, the first calf heifers, not from the cow herd. If her calf's performance doesn't measure up to the rest of the herd, she's gone, and not to a customer, but to the stockyards!

If a Beefmaster bull prospect comes out of a first calf heifer, his heifers will produce a higher quality weaning calf for years to come. That's profit in the bank.

Our Sr. Herd Sire, Crown Prince 920 was recently selected as the 2006 National Beefmaster Bull Grand Champion.  The committee of three judges included two cattle breeders with years of field savvy. They appreciated the structural correctness of the bull that interpreted into breeding longevity for himself, and his off-spring, his representation of the "essential six" traits Beefmaster cattle represent.

A Wild Oaks Farm heifer, Call Me Darlin' recently won the Cream of The Crop IV, Next Generation Heifer Futurity. Judge Jim Williams said he would have named our second entry, Sophia Loren,  Reserve Grand Champion, if it had not been a winner take all futurity! Naturally we took the $10,000 check for Grand Champion to the bank, but we consider that a wonder windfall, and it won't be counted in the profits for the year. Our profits are determined by the cows we left at home in the field.

 "Isa Basic Black" is one of our Pacesetter cows, and her grand dam," Isa Essential Black" is on her fourteenth natural calf, not counting her flushes. Our fifth generation black heifer, out of Black Jack 21, is on the ground. Although we continue to raise performance red Beefmasters, we progressively accept the growing demand  for black calves. Be sure and read about our" Isa Blacks", they are a group of black females unique to the breed and will infuse the legendary longevity and profitability into our base herd.

When we got started with Beefmasters, we started culling, "older" cows like our neighbors, at nine or so. Now we know we have at least another five or six calves in those production machine females, and that's just more profit!

 Beefmaster cows' longevity will really count in those years when beef prices are low, and you need to sell even the top heifer calves. Those productive females are your proven, blue chip, "stock investment" to hedge through the cattle market's price fluctuations. Our polled Beefmasters are just an added value bonus!

Get a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to sit down and look through the pictures and genetics of our herd. We guarantee you'll like what you see.

Give us a call and let's talk about our Beefmaster cattle for sale. Our cattle work for us and they'll work for you, we guarantee it! We're Proud to be Beefmaster Breeders!

Toby and Cherryl Forte'
Wild Oaks Farms,
6006 Early Branch Rd, Mulberry, Arkansas