National Beefmaster Bull Championship

2006 Grand Champion Bull

SR.  Champion

2007 SR. Reserve Champion



 (**Cavalier x HF Misty 1/3)

Crown Prince classified 1/2 as a 4 year old, a feat many young bulls don't attain. His calves are clean, stylish, and have thick top lines with tremendous muscle expression. The majority of his calves are red, but he has thrown black calves out of black cows. Every calf Crown Prince calf is stamped with class and carries his pattern!

Semen $75.00 per straw,
certificate included



Genetic Sibling to Sugar Britches


CF Sugar Dadee 1/2

(Capt. Sugar x Ava (Oasis Flushmate)

Semen $100 per Straw, with certificate


 SEBBA National Beefmaster Bull Championship

2009 RSV SR Champion

ADvantage 16/7 1/2

(Soul Man x HST Shady Lady)

Polled (scurred, removed) bull throwing predominately polled, solid red calves.

Semen, previously $100.00 per straw

2010 commercial price of $25 per straw

Wild Oaks is reducing the price of Advantage Semen to allow his use in commercial herds. We believe the success of these calves will strengthen the use of Beefmaster bulls in predominately Angus herds. Two full sisters are black brindled, one solid black.

To date we have gotten black calves out of black cows, red calves out of red cows.

Semen $25, with Certificate




 CF Blackstone 1/3

(Magic's Pride x Bomb Shell 1/2)

Last year when we were looking for an exceptional black bull with power genetics, we ere lucky enough to convince Cottage Farms that we needed Blackstone more than they did! His calves are on the ground and they definitely show the power of his dam, CF Cornerstone Donor, Bomb Shell (Spartacus x Sex Appeal) . He was the clean up bull for their production sale in 2007. Bomb Shell is know for her incredible udder, length of body and straight lines, always delivered in a powerful package.

Semen $50 per straw, with certificate



CF Time Bandit

1/3 (Jackpot x Vanna 2 1/2)

Last Year at Cottage Farms we were lucky enough to leave with two great bulls, CF Sugar Dadee, the genetic sibling to the great Sugar Britches, and a young Jackpot bull out of the famous Vanna 2 cow, dam of our Vanity Fair donor. We fell in love with the thickness and muscle shape in this young herd sire, and named him Time Bandit. We think he has the attributes to produce black Beefmaster cattle that will steal back the Angus domination of black cattle in the commercial market.



CF Gentleman Jack

(Black Jack 21 x Nirvana 1/2)

     When we purchased Blackstone, we also purchased 100 straws of the great Nirvana son, Gentleman Jack. At Wild Oaks we're very concerned that our bulls represent the best cow families in the breed, and Nirvana and Oasis definitely represent the best Cavalier daughters . Regrettably, Nirvana is now deceased, but her impact will live on through this great bull. We have flushed Gentleman Jack to some of our top Soul Man daughters.




(Blackjack 21 x Miss Staci)

     After looking at a number of outstanding young black bulls, we decided to participate in the Jackpot Syndicate.  This Black Jack 21 son shows great bone and thickness, with the predictability of the great Miss Staci Cow and 6/2 line.

Semen $75 per straw with Certificate





     All Wild Oaks Farms Bulls have been classified by the Beefmaster Breeder's Association field representative and are classified as 1, (highest conformation rating) with a 1 to a 3, underline score. The majority of the WO Bulls are classified 1/2. They show extreme length, depth of muscle and are structurally correct with substantial bone. We are extremely particular about only using bulls with a smooth, clean front.  Beefmaster bulls are typically classified as  2 year olds, but the appearance of their underline will change with age, use and heat conditions. Our Sr. Herd Sire, Crown Prince 920, a Cavalier son,  received a 1/2 classification as a 4 YEAR OLD! He is extremely clean sheathed, and is passing that trait on to his sons.

    At the World Cup Event, 2003, the committee judge's only comment about  to the audience about Crown Prince 920 was, "This is a bull we couldn't find anything wrong with." Their opinion counted 90% of the total score, EPD's 10%.

     In 2006 we took him to the National Beefmaster Bull Futurity, and the judges  comment was, "He's the Man"! He beat all classes, as a seven year old herd sire, out of the field for two weeks!