Second To None with Soul Man heifer, Georgia On My Mind at side.



The day before this photo was taken, Second to None was flushed at the farm, and yielded 18 transferable Soul Man embryos. We froze 8 and transferred 10, nine of which produced calves. That's a donor!

Here's what we're going for. . .








     GEORGIA ON MY MIND, 2 1/2 months of age

When I saw this young cow at Clark Jone's Farm in Savannah, TN  last November, the only thing I could see wrong with her was that she was on the wrong farm! I found it incredible that that much length, depth and thickness could be tied to such a clean front end. Oh, and she's black with a 1- underline. Since then, she's had a heifer calf, developed the perfect bag, and had a bell ringing flush. I know this sounds too good to be true.  She is a little over protective of her calf in a lot, but we intend to have so many of her calves in the field next year, she'll get tired smelling them all to find the one she's nursing.

We just weaned Georgia the end of August, and Second to None has trimmed down a bit, but has kept incredible condition considering the drought and the job she's done with the calf!

PS. We named her Second to None for obvious reasons, but here on the farm we call her Tuesday. We don't plan to sell her until the second Tuesday of next week.

For more photos of her young Soul Man calves, click here!


Until we get a page built to display her calves,  here's a few photos of those Soul Man babies now, some 7 months, some 9 months.

109/7 208

113/7 208

83/6 208

48/7 208

61-16/7, 61-26/7 208 Twins

119/7 208

112/7 208 on left, all 208 calves, bulls on right