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Embryo Collection/Freezing/Transfer/Ultrasound/AI/Palpation/Teaser Bulls

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Dale Whitaker
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Superovulation and Synchronization Services

1. Superovulation drugs are provided to the client and should not exceed $50.00 per flush.
2. I will provide a donor superovulation and breeding schedule as well as a complete   
    recipient synchronization schedule.

Fee Schedule

General Fees - CALL FOR QUOTE

1. A minimum fee per day on embryo services rendered; (excluding travel expenses)
2.  per flush
3.  per hour of labor
4. Mileage  (both ways)

Transferring Embryos and Freezing

Ultrasonography Services (Reproductive)

Cattle Services

1. Artificial Insemination/Synchronization Schedules
2. Pregnancy  examinations
3. Cosmetic Dehorning
4. Male alterations for heat detection aid (Teaser Bulls)
5. In Clinic Donor Management & Embryo Collection
6. Ultra Sound Scanning for Performance Data

Miscellaneous Charges

                       1. Meals and lodging (actual cost)
                       2. Flights and transportation (actual)
                       3. Shipping





A  few words from Dale . . .

The demands of today's cattle industry, coupled with modern technology, opens a vast horizon for the development and propagation of superior genetics to fulfill the desires of the cattle owner and a more discerning public.

   In any progressive business there are always decisions to be made. I realize there are many choices available when considering an embryo partner.

 Ability and quality for an embryologist are learned best thru constant repetition. I bring to you over twenty-five years of reliable, (behind the chute), precise reproductive experience. I viewed my first embryos and assisted in surgical collection and transfers in 1974. In the early 80's, I worked on a large ranch in Texas with an on-staff vet. Together we produced over 500 ET pregnancies a year. I artificially inseminated 1000+ cows annually and preg-checked over 2000.

 Since  1990, I have been very fortunate to be associated with HMS Cattle Company, where artificial insemination, embryo collection and transfer are a way of life. During this period of time, I have, for HMS and other progressive breeders, literally collected thousands of embryos.


Let me put my experience and dedication to work for you.



     A few words from Dale's friends and customers . . .

    Volunteer Beefmasters, Tennessee's oldest BBU member, has used the services of Dale Whitaker in our embryo program for several years. Dale is very professional, less expensive than most, efficient and just a nice person to be around. We are very satisfied with Dale's work and will continue to use his services.
           ...Carey Johnson


    Sammy, Steve and I bought a couple of cows we felt were good enough to flush. A friend and local breeder suggested Dale. We have been using Dale for several years and I highly recommend him to you. Dale is very knowledgeable, experienced and works the cows like they were his own. His schedule is flexible and he does the work at your farm. His prices are reasonable and we are thoroughly pleased with his work. He is a top hand and a great guy.
           ...Ronnie Teague

   Dale has done our ET work for the past 5 years on our partnership cows. We have been very pleased with the success we have enjoyed. Dales takes great pride in his work, and puts the extra time and effort it takes to ensure his client's success. I recommend Dale to anyone interested in an embryo program. We are very proud of our association and friendship with Dale.
           ...Clark Jones
           ...Lee Adair


    There are a lot of people over the country that are quite capable of recovering and implanting embryos, then there are people who are darn-right good at this profession. Dale Whitaker is this type of professional. In the beginning most of us who are thinking about flushing our favorite cow are apprehensive at trying this mysterious procedure. I know we were, but after talking with Dale and listening to his exact instructions and time-table, the mystery began to look less complicated. So we decided to give it a try. Dale directed us thru each step, and when the day arrived to flush and transfer embryos, Dale arrived on time and began his work. I don't consider our excellent results luck, I contribute it to the excellent instructions we received and our diligence in following those instructions. I can recommend Dale Whitaker to you without reservation.
           ...Charles Landrum owner and past BBU pres.


    Since 1996, Dale has flushed over 100 cows for me. The upgrading of my entire program has been based on embryo collection and transfer, and I am very pleased with the results.

           ...Jim Mueller, Troy, Alabama

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