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      The first week of February was an unseasonable 70˚ and too good to last. We had been working for weeks with Dale Whitaker, Geiger AL, to flush three donors on Friday, Feb. 10th. Thursday morning  - the donors were ready, 18 recips were ready, and Dale was to arrive tonight. The weatherman was announcing rain with a possible accumulation of 3" of snow, and thus, the birth of the                            


    Lest the reader think the following is typical of Arkansas operations, Dale had just finished at Larry & Kathryn Holts' Transfer Facility in Russellville, AR, 60 miles East, and was bragging on it's totally enclosed and heated facilities as he drove towards our farm. I personally could happily move into David Staggs' barn/center, and you all know about Charlie Harrod's Embryo Center. Here we  were standing next to the uncovered head gate and pens, assessing the situation while holding the cell phone, and wishing our operation had not grown faster than our facilities. (Buying cattle is always more fun than building ) Let me tell you, people in the South are born engineers! Just ask our foreman Dub Wright. Words couldn't capture what happened next, so put a grin on your face and check out the pictures. We chained six 5' x 10' panels together to make a frame up and over the pens. Tarps covered the run blocking the North wind, and the "Cage" was wrapped. The panels were chained to T-Posts. My worst mental picture was of a freak gust turning the whole thing into an airborne, sail driven machine, lifting the gate, cow & Dale high over the Arkansas hills. Dale always stands behind his work. Take me back to reality Toto.

      Dale drove up during the "tarping" process, before completion. He encouraged the use of several colors of tarps to enhance the "image" for the web site. Dale has a tremendous sense of humor, and actually thought he could blackmail us with these pictures. I am publishing them first, naming him as the co-inventor, sharing in the patent rights, fame or shame. Call me and I"ll give you his cell number if you want to be a distributor. We'll be happy to send you plans, stock    panels, shipped collect, and the address of the your nearest Walmart for the tarps.

(Picture above, Construction Manager/Foreman Dub Wright ,Praying; on the right, proud to be dry, Mayor Dale Whitaker)














  It never did snow, but it was 32˚  with bitter rain. Inside we were warmed by the space heater, well lighted by dual standing shop lights, and had 100 square feet incredibly DRY. We even had room for a mini office & spectator gallery. (The spectators wished to remain anonymous since they  had stumbled in from hunting, thinking it was a new bar. They were obviously waiting for opening time and beer.  

















     Most  children learn to tie their shoes with the rhyme " the bunny goes around the tree and through the hole". As Dale settled down to what he does best, I thought I heard him humming to himself, "and the baby calf jumps up and over the log, through the tunnel, around the bends and into . . .