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"Beefmaster Cattle, a Breeder's Success Story"

     Phenotypic ally, it's a real challenge to balance maternal, environmental and economic traits at the farm with carcass performance. There exists is a glaring antagonism between maternal efficiency in a cow herd and carcass performance in their calves. You won't see restaurants advertising Holstein or Jersey steaks, and you don't see Angus cows in the milking pens. The gauge for maximum efficiency is different for each breed, depending on what they're expected to do.   To read how using Beefmaster Cows and Beefmaster Bulls made us more cattle profits, click here.


















     At  Wild Oaks Farms  we have developed a program over the last 10 years that is Predictable and Profitable. We have a commercial herd of around 100  registered, commercial Beefmasters, a handful of unique donors, and 30 - 40 high quality females. Many of these individuals are genetically strong enough to develop into donors as they prove themselves. We have tremendous milking females, and our embryo recips come from our commercial herd. About four years ago we made a commitment to raise Quality Beefmaster Cattle. We have purchased outstanding females, and continued the commitment to our existing program by upgrading our commercial  and registered cows with superior Beefmaster Bulls. Our Bull pen is extensive and extremely deep in quality.

     The original herd  was based on cows with strong Phantom/Ranger Pride genetics, bred to a our polled Country Western son, Bruno. A high percentage of their offspring have been red and polled. Our Sr. Herd Sire, Crown Prince 920 1/2  is a Cavalier son whom many have said  is one of the most complete and correct bulls in the breed today. In February of 2006 , he became the National Beefmaster Bull Grand Champion!

   We have selectively added cows to strengthen the polled aspect of our herd, while maintaining a strong sense of femininity to balance our bull power. We are especially excited about our new Herd Sire Revelation 1/2, (Desperado x Lady Leanne) and impact his strong 6/2 genetics will have on our herd.  Our recent purchase of the Circle C Blizzard son, out of **Miss Dee , a Sex Appeal daughter, and  another Blizzard son, out of the 1999 Miss Beefmaster America, Lady Desperado, will help concentrate these genetics into the core herd.

    A new Cornerstone  of our Donor program is CF Vanity Fair, an incredible female who will anchor our red genetics.

    To meet the demand  in the Midwest for black breeding bulls and feedlot calves, we are selectively developing a line of Black Beefmasters. I We felt it was important to secure females that were not only black, but proven in the field, and confirmed with generations of EPD material.  "The Black Heifer", who was Grand Champion of the Miss Beefmaster America Futurity in 2003 and CJ "Second To None" add to the genetic diversity and gives our program an exceptional "outcross" black genetic base from the popular black bulls. We currently also have over a dozen Black Jack 21, and a two dozen Soul Man  heifers.

  In our AI program we are currently using  Black Jack 21,  Jackpot, Ace in the Hole, Mojo, Black Bayou, Blockbuster and Captain Lucey. We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to visiting with you soon.

      WOF  is proud to support the development of the breed through membership in the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU), the Southeastern Beefmaster Breeders Association (SEEBA)  the Arkansas Beefmaster Breeders Association (ABBA)  the Central States Beefmaster Breeders Association (CSBBA) and the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association, and the JBBA through donations.

 Toby and Cherryl Forte'

                   Wild Oaks Farms




  "The Farm,  Work in Progress . . ."

     Five years ago we purchased an additional 265 acres, close to the house and have had a dozer running almost constantly since. I will admit six months into the process we both wondered "Whatever were we thinking?". The farm had been timbered and we were left with a Paul Bunyan size pick up sticks! So far we've burned well over 100 brush piles, buried rocks, dug 5 ponds and cross fenced the farm into 8 fields , two catch pens and a working pen. Wild Oaks is currently utilizing 600 acres with about 375 acres in grazing and hay fields.




     A city friend once asked what our other town car was besides the Dodge Dooley. Here it is. In defense, we also have a Yukon that can pull a trailer.

Truman Johnson, dozer operator deluxe!



     Our neighbor James Whitlock has done miles of fencing for us, including some outstanding Bull Pens and Breeding Paddocks. You can see he understands the features of quality fencing. He kept looking at those bulls while working, and before long, he had purchased five of our best heifers!


My grandchildren are professional arsonists! Andrea, Brannon & Toby on brush pile # .....




   Cedar for Truman's Saw Mill and log cabin. There were over a hundred logs in the pile before it was all over.

     We sprigged hybrid Bermuda, drilled Wheat, Rye, and Bahia, and  broadcasted Red River Crabgrass and common Bermuda. A neighbor gave us this tip for preparing the set bed, drag a large full cedar around with a four wheeler to level the ground! We rolled it afterwards, but it sure helped fill in the dips!     

This year we will start intensive grazing on 40 acres as a test for (a) the cattle (b) the land (c) the management crew. We'll let you know in a couple of months how our Red River Crabgrass is performing!

1948 Chevy & Well Rig

Drilling a water well for the new house.






Sweetwater Creek, one of four on the property. Now if we could only get them to run year round!

    The view that we didn't chose for the house!The advantage of an upland farm is a 70 mile view for 300 degrees!