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Toby & Cherryl Forte'

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   At  Wild Oaks Farms  we have developed a program over the last 10 years that is Predictable and Profitable. We have a commercial herd of around 100  registered, commercial Beefmasters, a handful of unique donors, and 30 - 40 high quality females. Many of these individuals are genetically strong enough to develop into donors as they prove themselves. We have tremendous milking females, and our embryo recips come from our commercial herd.

     The original herd  was based on cows with strong Phantom/Ranger Pride genetics, bred to a our polled Country Western son, Bruno. A high percentage of their offspring have been red and polled. Our Sr. Herd Sire, Crown Prince 920 1/2  is a Cavalier son whom many have said  is one of the most complete and correct bulls in the breed today. We have selectively added cows to strengthen the polled aspect of our herd, while maintaining a strong sense of femininity. We are especially excited about our  Herd Sire Revelation 1/3, (Desperado x Lady Leanna) and the impact his strong 6/2 genetics will have on our herd.  Our purchase in May, 05,  of a Circle C Blizzard son, out of **Miss Dee , a Sex Appeal daughter, will help concentrate these tremendous genetics. In September we purchased another Blizzard son, out of the 1999 Miss Beefmaster America, Lady Desperado, another future herd sire with an exceptionally strong bottom bloodline.

    To meet the demand  in the Midwest for black breeding bulls and feedlot calves, we are selectively developing a line of Black Beefmasters. In 2003, by private treaty, we purchased all the black cattle from the heart of the L Bar Lasater herd. These 5 cows are now known as the Isa Blacks, and in 2004,  Isa Basic Black  was awarded the prestigious Pacesetter designation by BBU. We felt it was important to secure females that were not only black, but proven in the field, and confirmed with generations of EPD material. The other cornerstone of our black Beefmaster program is our donor cow, "The Black Heifer", who was Grand Champion of the Miss Beefmaster America Futurity in 2003.

  In our AI program we are currently using  Black Jack 21,  Bandito, Scarlet's Pride, Smooth Connection, Polled Mandate and L Bar 5502, Soulman and Ace in the Hole . We appreciate your interest and look forward to visiting with you soon.

      WOF  is proud to support the development of the breed through membership in the Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU), the Southeastern Beefmaster Breeders Association (SEEBA)  the Arkansas Beefmaster Breeders Association (ABBA)  the Central States Beefmaster Breeders Association (CSBBA) and the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association, and the JBBA through donations.

 Toby and Cherryl Forte'

                   Wild Oaks Farms